Maintaining industry related machines may seem like a daunting, expensive and time consuming task. Orapi Africa provides clients of all industries with the ability to loosen parts of machinery that are rusted and cannot be released in normal conditions with advanced dismantle products and applications. These products are developed to increase productivity in the workplace and give your machine a longer life – saving you money and time.

Circular economy strategies encourage, among others, effective actions to extend the product lifetime. Product’s repair and reuse, and component harvesting for reuse, all require the facilitated access to product components, all require the facilitated access to product components. Consequently, a reduction of the dismantling time and the related costs will increase the economic feasibility of product lifetime extension and therefore increase the viability of a circular economy in industrialized regions. Furthermore, dismantling has the potential to significantly increase the recycling yield.

To optimize a product’s end-of-life system, you should consider designing for disassembly. This type of design can also serve to make a product more serviceable for users and aid in maintenance and reparability. Although most products can be disassembled eventually, lengthy disassembly does not make for economic recycling as the cost of disassembly is likely to be much larger than the revenue gained through recycling the parts and materials from the product. It is for this reason that designing products for easy disassembly has increased in popularity enabling more of the product to be recycled economically.

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