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Welcome to Orapi Africa. Home of the leading brands in lubrication, greasing, de-greasing, cleaning, thread locking, sealing, bonding, and adhesives.

Orapi Africa was established in 1997 after recognising a severe gap in the African market for specialised lubrication and maintenance products. We have a rich history, one that goes back to 1968, France. For 46 years the Orapi group has been flourishing through consistent innovation and dedication.

In 1997 Orapi opened its doors in Africa and quickly set the standard for industry excellence in the country. The lubrication and industry related maintenance products we offer are of the highest standards and are on the cutting-edge of technology. The products that we provide are designed to prolong the life of our client’s machinery and equipment, to improve work and of course, save time. It is with this dedication to product excellence and superior service that we have established long lasting clients, building consumer loyalty daily.

Our specialised and renowned product offerings are sought after in a number of industries including the mining, petrol chemical, steel, food, power, military and engineering industries. From anti-seize lubrication to super industrial degreaser, we have the lubrication products you require.

We develop and manufacture technologically advanced products for:
• Dismantling – Penetrating oils
• Lubricating – Chain lubricant
• Cleaning – Environmental solvents
• Assembling – Glue range
• Protecting – Storage protectors


Innovators in advanced lubrication and maintenance products for the industrial and maintenance industries

Our advanced maintenance solutions for the industrial and manufacturing industry are developed to anticipate and meet the most sophisticated requirements. Innovation is key to our success. The Orapi Africa team is dedicated to providing forward thinking and cutting edge solutions to our clients. We make efforts to develop new products to solve even the most complicated technological issues in the industrial sphere. We keep up to date with the evolution of new machinery, providing our clients with up to date and progressive products.

Our Accreditations:

• ISO 9001 – 2000
• ISO 14001
• NSF Specifications