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For over 4 decades Orapi has been at the helm of scientific innovation and invention. Our maintenance and lubrication products have been developed to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness. Our clients are given access to the highest performing products on the market. From advanced cleaning and degreasing solvents to instant adhesives and progressive structural bonding. Our products are consistently developed and evolve alongside ever-changing industry machinery. Our goal is to produce products that benefit our customers enormously, reducing costs in workforce improving productivity in the workplace and prolonging the life of machinery and equipment.

As the technological age evolves and advances, we see the rapid development of emerging markets. It is our goal to provide products able to assist these markets and industries. Reducing business costs and increasing business productivity. Our products are designed to assist in the progression and success of the industrial fields including the mining, power, steel, military and engineering industries in South Africa and throughout Africa.

The Orapi Africa Difference
• Maintain a competitive edge through innovation
• Introduce new and advanced additives regularly
• Offer bespoke designs
• Provide expertise and advise to our clients
• Superior products of the highest quality
• Improve profitability of your business through our advanced lubrication and maintenance products
The specialised products that we offer include:
• Disassembling, Loosening, Lubricating
• Cleaning, Degreasing (Solvents)
• Cleaning (Water Based Cleaning Agent)
• Re-Assembling, Treating, Lubricating
• Greasing
• Greasing (Special Greases)
• Lubricating
• Thread Locking
• Assembling Shafts, Rings, Bearings
• Sealing Threaded Connections
• Sealing Housings
• Flanges
• Flexible Bonding
• Instant Adhesives
• Structural Bonding
• Protection – Floor Repairing
• Welding, Flaws Detection
• General Mechanics Materials
• Office Automation, Computers
• Hygiene, Hand Care


Orapi Worldwide

Orapi is a global leader in lubrication and industrial maintenance products. Our innovation has propelled us to worldwide success, with a presence in well over 100 countries with 1200 employees globally. Due to our commitment to service excellence and product innovation in all industrial spheres, Orapi has become synonymous with progressive thinking and reliable products.

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